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NEW: Antique segment of a ceremonial shirt mounted in a special frame. Notice the symbolic form of 2 figures in a boat.

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NEW: Late 19th century hand-woven silk, with gold thread and sequins, mounted in a specially designed frame.

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Woven cotton cloth from Bali with gold metallic thread. This piece works well as a wall hanging, a table treatment or other decorative use.

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This is another woven cotton cloth from Bali with silver-colored metallic thread, suitable for a wall hanging or other decorative use.

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This piece could also grace your home as a wall hanging or for other decorative uses: woven cotton cloth from Bali with gold metallic thread.

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Ornamental belt with gold metallic thread which may also be used as a table decoration or wall hanging.

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Sumptuously colored shoulder cloth which may also be used to decorate interiors.

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A rare and antique tube dress from the island of Sumba with elaborate beadwork, rich in symbolic imagery.

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Gauzy tie-dyed cotton in deep earth-tones.

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Pure silk wrap-around dress from from Java which works great as a wall hanging too.

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Tie-dyed shawl suitable for wall hanging or decorative accent in bedroom or public space.

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Woven cotton, very brightly colored red-magenta with interwoven details in accent colors and gold-colored thread.

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Heavy cotton cloth, tubular format, with gold thread.

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Shimmering silver-colored thread interwoven with maroon cotton cloth.

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Colorful cotton woven cloth with incredible detail in tubular format.

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Series of 3 ceremonial belts decorated with shells and beads which can be wall-mounted for a dramatic accent.

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