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Shawls and stoles

In this section you will find pieces that can be worn as shoulder cloths, scarves or stoles. They also make wonderful wall hangings, table or fashion accessories. Let your imagination be your guide!

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Unique Wear

Every piece of Unique Wear is, as the name suggest, unique in all its aspects. Unlike many common fashion items, the material is not used to fit the design of the garment, we first study the textile`s... Read more!


This month on sale!

Item #170 is on sale with a 25% discount! Created as a ceremonial skirt cloth this vibrantly colored piece would look stunning as a wall hanging. The interwoven gold thread adds immeasurably to the beauty of the piece.Read more

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Most of the pieces in our catalog may be used to decorate your home or office, but the pieces in this section are well-suited for wall hangings or table top decoration. Enter the section!

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These belts are equally at home as an accessory to an elegant outfit, or gracing your walls. You won't find any leather or buckles in this section. :)

woman dresses,finished cloths catalog

Finished cloths

The pieces in this section are typically used as wrap-around dresses or accessories, but may be suitable for upholstery, pillow covers and other decorative purposes. Browse the catalog


Welcome To The Home Of Biji Living Arts & Works Of Art Catalog

We continue to strive, to develop one of the most comprehensive traditional textile art resources, freely available on the Internet today. You will find here detailed information regarding many of the world's traditional textile art. We give you a window into the lives of traditional textile artists and their precious textile works of art, from the present and the past. You will learn of the history of the many famous textile art forms and the amazing customs and uses of these unique works of living art. You will learn of the talented women weavers and their unique cultures. We will be take you to some of the world's most remote corners, in search of hidden living textile art treasures.

Buy authentic traditional textiles and textile arts from our the world. We currently have one of the best textile art collections available for sale on the Internet. Our large exclusive collection of woven sarongs and batik art can be delivered directly to your home. From our large range of unique womans clothing produced from vintage and modern batik art textiles, to home decor and exclusive textile art displays. For collectors and dealers of rare genuine traditional textile arts, we have secured one of the world's extensive collections. Dealers please also know that we offer very competitive prices for such authentic traditional textiles and textile arts, that afford excellent trading prospects.

Our Passion For The Ancient Traditional Textiles & Textile Art

We wish to share our passion with the world. A passionate appreciation, for the endangered traditional textile arts of Indonesia and the highly skilled talents, of the women weavers that spend years producing, such unique textile works of art.

Fine examples of these ancient textiles, can be found in museums and galleries around the world. To appreciate the exotic beauty of a traditional textiles and textile art is easy. However the expert weaver is not simply producing a random visual spectacle. The motifs are rich in heritage and tell the stories of an ancient culture.

The very intricate process of creating traditional woven sarongs or textiles is unbelievably labor-intensive. The most elaborate sarongs and designs can take a woman weaver eighteen months to complete. The cotton fibers are selected, hand-spun and placed on the weaving frame. They are then meticulously bundled and tied off to create the desired pattern. The weaver does this by imagining the entire finished piece, as she ties each group of threads to resist the dye.

The natural dyes used for the traditional textiles are collected and processed using ancient secret recipes. The dye colors are produced from leaves, woods, and roots. The color tones are adjusted according to the length of time and number of times the threads are put into the dye vat.

These very same quality textile works of art, that now hang in fine museums around the world. Were produced for traditional uses or incorporated into one of the many intricate ceremonials that mark a stage of live or death. Some marriage traditions mean that a bride's family must give a spectacular homemade ikat sarong, to the groom's family. A woman would have spent more then a year of her life producing this now rare intricate woven sarongs.

Others are a pure labor of love. As the finished woven sarongs, are given to a beloved husband or son as a token of love and respect. However all of these unique works of textile art carry the spirit of rich traditions, from an ancient people.

We aim to preserve this uniquely rich heritage and the talented weavers that produce such textile works of art. By giving them access to world markets and buyers. We partner and work with the very best weavers throughout Indonesia and other worldwide locations, to produce handmade ritual textile art in the time consuming traditional manner. We are once again producing museum quality textile works of art.

We work directly with weavers and make credit payments, for textile art that can take a year or more to complete. Our work is giving talented weavers a new pride in their work and their families much needed financial support. We are also now finding that young woman in the villages, are expressing interest in once again learning the skills to produce such unique textile art. Rather then leaving home and family in search of work in the big cities.

The weaver holds in her talented hands a live link, to her ancestors and the very 'threads' of her culture. However these precious gifts and yet labor intensive weaving traditions, learnt from their grandmother's and generations long gone. Are now in danger of being lost forever.

Works Of Art Catalog

Oct 2006
May 2006
April 2006

Maurizio Rosenberg ColorniThe Family Man

A rare photo of Biji-living arts' founder & director Mr Maurizio Rosenberg Colorni, finding time to relax with family in a remote village in Bali Indonesia. The young girl in the photo is the youngest daughter of one of our partnering textile weavers

Buy From Us Museum Quality Traditional Textiles & Works Of Art

We provide buyers and collectors, with authentic traditional textiles, hand woven sarongs and textile art. That is fully produced using the ancient and natural techniques. All of our woven textile works of art were made following ancient recipes and weaving techniques.

In selling these unique textile works of art to a modern world, we are restoring pride and glory in an ancient world. Our work is giving woman and families a new dignity in tradition. We are preserving an exquisite textile art form. Most importantly, we are giving true traditional artists and loving mothers a new self-respect and financial security without charity.

Due to harsh economic realities that have impacted rural villages and the traditional weaving communities. The young women are unable to spend the years needed to learn the complicated dying and weaving techniques. They are forced to move to the cities to find an income.

The labor-intensive tradition methods of producing such unique textile art, are left to their mothers and grandmothers. As the older woman die, the rich traditions of spinning, tying, natural dying and weaving ritual textiles, will also die and be lost forever.

By working directly with women weavers, through our village based development projects. We are empowering women by supporting their traditional textile arts. Our much needed, financial support ensures that family health and children's educational needs are met.

Your support will not only save the unique traditional textiles and art forms. But will also save a traditional way of life and a rich cultural heritage that has sustained families and traditions for centuries.

By supporting these traditional textile arts, we demonstrate that culture and tradition has a place in the modern world. Together we can restore people's pride in their unique culture and conserve the very traditions that support both their physical and spiritual life.

We believe in fair trade and respect for both buyers and sellers. We apply only small profit margins on our traditional textiles and textile art products. This not only aids our selling capabilities. But also ensures excellent re-sell opportunities for traders.

We do not support and are very much against child labor. We are active in promoting schooling for rural children.

We are also active in promoting nature conservation, by using sustainable harvested natural dyes. With the use of natural dyes and hand-spun thread, we stimulate local organic farming of cotton and indigo. We sponsor the planting of trees that are used for dying materials. This in turn promotes reforestation.