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The Perada textile is a lustrous unique textile of woven cotton or sometimes silk, decorated with silver or gold thread. Pure gold leaf or gold dust and increasingly more affordable bronze dust, can be used. These valuable threads are adhered by woman weavers using a unique process. The gold threads fabrics are held by using a natural glue (ancur), obtained from bones. These dazzling and bold patterned textiles, that almost blind you with their shine are a textile work of art. They are worn only during festivals or by dancers in theatrical performances. Since perada textile was initially brought to Java by Indian traders, then later to Bali.

Stylized Hindu motifs like sacred lotus blossoms, temple belief designs, ancient woodwork patterns as well as Indian swastikas still decorate the borders. The old courts of Klungkung and Karangasem were the most important centers of perada textile production. Perada textile is also used for wall decorations and feature entire scenes from the Mahabarata or Ramayana painstakingly painted on, giving them a mural-like appearance.

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