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This month spotlight:

Batik: Batik is known as one of the oldest method of decorating textile. It's done by applying wax on certain areas of fabrics (following the motifs designed), in order to fill in areas with particular colors preferred (please refer to "Color Application" for further information).

Past issues:
Le meravigliose tessitrici di Bali: Come le specie animali in via di scomparsa, esistono anche le arti in via di scomparsa: la tessitura del songket è una di queste.
Songket: It is impossible to fully understand the beauty and rareness of a songket without witnessing the complex and time-consuming process behind the final product. In order to explore and follow the production of songkets we went to Siddhaman.
Metallic threads: Some of the textiles presented in our catalog were produced with interwoven metallic threads, usually in gold or silver.
Perada textiles: The Traditional Textile Perada Textile A Textile Work Of Art.
Geringsing textiles: Traditional Textiles, Geringsing Textiles (ikat) and rare Balinese textiles.
Endek sarongs: Endek Unique Textiles and Rare Balinese Textiles.

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Books: (links to

Gittinger, Mattiebelle & Robyn Maxwell. Textiles of Southeast Asia. Periplus Editions, 2003.

Hauser-Schaublin, Brigitta, Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff & Urs Ramseyer. Balinese Textiles. Periplus Editions, 1991.

Hecht, Anne. The Art of the Loom: Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Across the World. University of Washington Press, 2001.

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"Sustaining the textile arts of Indonesia"